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Experience intelligent Learning with Professionals!

Vacations are fun with us!
Experience intelligent Learning with Professionals!

Create vacations as an experience!
The LearnExperienceCourse in Baden-Baden conveys with fun, the zest for learning and the zest for life, expertise and contextual knowledge and further enhances the self-reliance and personality.

The high quality and competence-oriented learning in very small groups of approximately 5 students clarifies what good, high-class and useful learning constitutes and means. This LearnExperienceCourse is a practical guidance in a learning environment which becomes more and more complex.


Train like the Professionals!
With the staff of the Studienhaus and the learnings of the various activities we professionally train students for their education.

Each student chooses 2 from the following courses and books 26 hours:

  • German
  • German as a foreign language
  • German courses for children an teens
  • English
  • French
  • Latin
  • Learning Methodology / Intelligent learning
  • Mathematics
Learning German
Learning German with German teachers (native speakers). The students spend time with Germans students. Therefore they can immediately use what they have learned and correct it. They will speak and learn quickly.

We distinguish ourselves by having small learning groups of approximately 5 students per course (resp. 7 students max for special exercises), in comparison to the Goethe-Institut with approximately 16 students per course. The classification is determined by the knowledge or level and the age of the student.

Depending on the length of the course, a student can take 20, 40, 60 or 80 hours of German lessons especially developed for young people.

Levels A1/A2 // B1/B2 // C1/C2

The students are being taken care of 24 hours a day. The teachers are the caregivers at the same time. They remain and spend time with the students even out of school times. The advantage therefore lies in getting to know each other better.

Offered Programs

Sport and Fun / Ball games / Billiard / Kicker / Kubbs


Creative offers//Dance//Theatre//Making music


Cultural offer: Artistic mile Baden-Baden




Natural Experience / Barbeque


Excursions/ e. g. „Merkur“ (mountain nearby)


Closing Party



Intelligent learning afternoon


Visit of the Toccarion

With guided tour


Casino Baden-Baden

Exclusive guided tour


Visit of the Eastern-Concert in the Bénazet-Concert-Hall

Kirill Petrenko and the Federal Youth Orchestra, together with the Berliner Philharmoniker, play the most famous classical orchestral work: L. van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony


Visit of the SWR

German radio and TV station
Look behind the scenes

Course House Baden-Baden

Pädagogium Baden-Baden
The accomodations will be in the boarding school of the „Pädagogium Baden-Baden“. These are especially nice rooms, mostly double bedrooms, otherwise single or 3 beds per room.

Target group
Students grades 4 through 10

Course dates at a glance

LearnExperienceCourse – Easter
Dates: 09 April through 18 April 2020
Classes: 26 hours
Price: 1.395,- €

Pick-up from the train station Baden-Baden, free of charge.

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