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Learn from Professionals!

Vacations and encounters with professionals from various fields: Art, culture and sports!

Learn from Professionals!
Did Kirill Petrenko experience stage fright?
Is a radio presenter afraid of a black-out?

Competition fever: How do fencers train?
How do great artists prepare themselves for a show?

We will discuss these or similar questions in regards to stage fright, to test preparations or secrets of their success with people who are in the spotlight. Thus we profit from their experience.

Train with Professionals!
With the staff of the Studienhaus and the learnings of the various activities we professionally train students for their education.

Each student chooses 2 from the following courses and
books 26 hours:

  • German
  • German as a foreign language
  • English
  • French
  • Latin
  • LearningMethods
  • Mathematics
Offered Programs

Fence course with the fence instructor Emil Dan


Sport and Fun//Ball games//Billard//Kicker//Kubbs


Creative offers//Dance//Theatre//Making music


Cultural offer: Artistic mile Baden-Baden




Natural Experience: Barbeque


Excursions//e.g. „Merkur“ mountain nearby


Closing Party



Visit of the Toccarion (The unbelievable Children-Music-World of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden arouses fun with music)

Exclusively for students ages 10 to 12


Visit of the SWR

German radio and TV station

Look behind the scenes

Guided Tour


Visit the Eastern-Concert

Konzert in the Bénazet- concert hall

Kirill Petrenko and the Federal Youth Orchestra, together with the Berliner Philharmoniker, play the most famous classical orchestral work: L. van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Course House Baden-Baden
Pädagogium Baden-Baden

The accomodations will be in the boarding school of the „Pädagogium Baden-Baden“. These are especially nice rooms, mostly double bedrooms, otherwise single or 3 beds per room.

Target group
Students grades 4 through 10

Course dates at a glance

LearnExperienceCourse – Easter
Dates: 09 of April through 18 April 2020
Classes: 26 hours
Price: 1.395,- €

Pick-up from the train station Baden-Baden, free of charge

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